This three-day weekend in the gorgeous countryside of ​Italy will give you the jump start you need for a healthier start ​of the year ahead! You’ll be learning from Glenda Antico to incorporate Iyengar Yoga and other lifestyle tips into your daily routine, with a focus on breath.

You’ll experience the benefits of working with ceremonial cacao, including greater access to love, enhanced awareness and feeling of connectedness under the guidance of Dante Villa.

“A ceremony with cocoa, is it a joke?”, absolutely not. The use of cacao by humans has very ancient origins and it is thanks to the Mayan and Aztec people that we owe its diffusion. In fact, for them cacao was so important that it was often reserved only to the royalty, who took it during special ceremonies in the form of a spicy drink called “xocolat”.

With the Right Dose & Intention, You Can Experience

  • Heart Opening and Love
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Deeper Meditation
  • Greater Connection with Other People
  • Inspiration & Creativity
  • Joy!

Health and delicious food from the organic farm prepared by our chef will accompany you on this idyllic stay.

Through this retreat you’ll learn how to incorporate many new skills and knowledge into your everyday life.


  • 2-4pm Arrival
  • 4-5:30pm Welcome/introduction to Iyengar to create your Asana
  • 6-7:15pm Post-travel restorative practice to stretch the back, extend the legs, relax the shoulders. Duration 1h 10‘
  • 7:30pm Dinner


  • 8-10:30am Before breakfast-Cacao Ceremony-with guided movement meditation and nature connection. Bring your intention!
  • 10:45am Breakfast
  • 11:30am-1:00pm Standing positions, align to extend the column and strengthen the legs. Introduction to inversions.
  • 1pm Lunch
  • 2-4pm Free Time
  • 4pm-5:30pm Forward stretching positions and head twists.
  • 5:30pm-7pm Free time (possible activities in the area)
  • 7:30pm Dinner


  • 8:30-10am Greetings to the sun and arches.
  • 10am Breakfast
  • 10:30am-12pm Group Activities
  • 1-2:30pm Putting what you’ve learned to use
  • 3pm Going home

Bio Agriturismo “Il Cerreto”

It is possible to reach the Bio Agriturismo via train and organize to be picked up either at Viareggio or Livorno train station for 100 euros (4-5 people).

For more information on the Bio Agriturismo il Cerreto:





To reserve your place today Anna +393926400800 (WhatsApp)


435 euros ALL Inclusive

2 nights in double room, single use

€ 400 per person (Shared bathroom)

At the moment of the reservation is required the full payment
In case of cancelation within one month the payment will be refund.
After one month, is not refundable.

About Yoga Teacher

Glenda Antico

IG: @glendayoga


About Dante Villa

IG: @castellettolab / @ilforastico

At the age of 10 during a family trip to Mexico, he had his first contact with Native American cultures. This first experience was like a real rite of passage that triggered the research and passion that still accompany him today. At 19 he moved to London where he studied Fine Art and began experimenting with theater and dance. At the same time he began a long journey of exploration in the field of spirituality, participating in many courses and seminars of various kinds. Also in this fertile period he began to learn as much as possible about European wild plants and medicines. In 2012 he returned to South America where he was able to live in close contact with some indigenous groups both in the Andes and in the Amazon basin. In 2016 after another fruitful experience in Peru, on his return to Europe he decided to take refuge under a school of Tibetan Buddhism. In 2019 with the support of some Shipibo masters, he decided to open Sabiduria Vegetal, an organization that offers everyone the opportunity to get to know these ancestral cultures first hand. At the moment he lives in Brescia where he is working on a few different projects, including Castelletto Lab (an artist residency on ritual theater) and Il Forastico (divulgation and courses on nutrition and ‘re-wilding’).



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