Marcel Hof Method Retreat-Sicily/ 10-15 October 2022

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Menfi, Sicily, , Italy Retreats and Experience
Menfi, Sicily, , Italy Retreats and Experience
  • From € /2,050p.p. All Included


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This first Edition of Marcel Hof Retreat  together with the partner  Anicha Vos will take place in a unique ancient Sicilian country house completely refurbished and brought back to life, surrounded splendid olive grove and vineyards, where guests can stroll and practice sport.
A luxury bio-resort with a country soul, here the philosophy aim at the physical and mental well-being of guests, where modern design blends in perfectly with local materials.
The Resort where will take place is the Momentum Bio  Resort in Sicily.

Day 1
9-10 am opening, explaining the method, what to expect, safety precautions, introducton of us.
Everyday we begin with a short story of my life or Anicha, a warming up, 5 min. 10-11 Dice breathing, 3 rounds of 5 minutes breathing, then meditation/quantumhypnosis.
11-11.15 a Break.
11.15- 11.45 some yoga/stretching.
11.45 DAB breathing, 2 or 3 rounds of 5 min. depending on the groups experience, including a meditation/ quantum hypnosis until
12.45. Lunch break until 14.00.
14.00-15.00 attention exersizes/ heart meditation
15.00- 15.15 explaining the Hof-chi, warming up exersize before going into the cold and after for warming up the Inner fire.
15.15-16.00 Doing the Hof-chi using synergy, Indian drum and voice and playing with trance. 16.00-17.00 Going in the Icewater, using conscious stress, playing with perception, changing your reality! Every day is a building up of the breathing exersizes and cold exposure. We use our life long experience and our intuition to see what is needed every day. This is the structure of every day. We want you to experience absolute trust in your own autonomy, fysically mentally, spiritually.
Surrendering to the process and opening up your heart, will go easy while we create a safe and open space where everything can be felt and experienced! So day 1, 3 rounds Dice breathing, 2 or 3 rounds Dab breathing. 1 to 2 min in Icebath.
Day 2
4 rounds of Dice, 3 or 4 rounds of Dab breathing, 2-3 minutes Icebath,
Day 3
2 rounds of Dice together with 2 rounds of Dab.breathing. And second round 2 rounds of Dice and 3 rounds of Dab breathing. 3-4 minutes Icebath.
Day 4
20 minutes of Dice breathing, and the second round 4 rounds of Dab breathing. 4-5 minutes Icebath.
Day 5
5 rounds of 5 min. Dice breathing and second round 5 rounds of 5 min Dab breathing.
After every breathing we do or a heart meditation or a quantum hypnosis and every day the script changes…and there is a deepening. Old traumas/ stories can come up and can transform naturally, and trust and intuitive knowing will rise.

Dice= deep immersion cold exposure breathing, Piling up energy, fuelling the battery, stimulating the parasympatic nervous system,
Dab = dopamine activation breathing, stimulating sympatic nervous system and dopamine

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