Flowing trough places and realities to discover!


 Riding the motorbike up and down the hills, paddy fields and coastlines into nature local villages, exploring the Islands forests and volcanoes where the magic of Bali continues to surprise every day, every 5 km seems to change island,  the colors,  the sounds, traditions fragrances accompany me in my journey .I discovered retreat, villas breathtaking tree houses, yoga retreat overlooking the rice paddies, infinity pools, floating and hanging in the forest, monkeys jumping on the terrace in the morning when you wake up from your massage overlooking the ocean.  Adventures that will awake your inner child with a smile on your face and makes you share rich experiences to win fears, barriers  limits and schemes.I met locals who still work with me and who are good and trustworthy people.

after years they want to keep their tradition and their simple nature giving smiles and explaining how special tis Bali thanks to their preservation and to their religious rites that wrap of flowers colors and scents the temples that are located in the most beautiful spots of the island


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