Charm Balique Retreat is a 4 bedrooms villas residence composed by a stylish modern depandance contrasting by shape, style and materials with two antique joglo houses, beautifully surrounded by the tropical nature and in the middle of a bamboo garden with dense shrubs of flowers and mango trees. A joglo is a traditional Javanese wooden house, usually owned by royal families or wealthy people originally used to receive guests.  Here the spaces have been re-interpreted according to the modern concept of the loft living. The original character of these hundred years old buildings has been preserved, with many of teak wood walls and roof tiles retained, but the massive interiors have been given a modernist twist with exposed brick walls and stone floors. All the rooms are richly furnished and have all comforts for a modern living. Two bedrooms are located inside the modern side of the villa, whose design follows the latest European architectural trend. A spacious master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and a spacious living area open into a lush garden are the main features on the layout of this villa. On the outside, large wooden deck and a 15×3.8 meters swimming pool. A staff area is located on the back side and connects all the villas. The two joglos are named after a week-day, according to the Javanese calendar.   LEGI, a massive joglo from central Java, conceived as an open space divided into a living and a night area it has a spacious en-suite bathroom open into a little secluded garden. A wide selection of materials is used to give to this residence the charm and the touch of an original antique dwelling.This villa is furnished mixing old traditional elements with modern interiors and decorations. WAGE it’s another joglo structure equipped with en-suite bathroom, a separated kitchen (made from a gladak, another traditional javanese structure) an alfresco/outdoor veranda and a private 7.6 x 3.5 meter pool with outdoor shower. Marble floor, local materials and traditional furniture are giving the final touch to this unique residence. This villa is totally independent from the others and can be rented only as a fourth bedroom. All the villas are equipped with all the modern comforts and facilities.


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