Venetian Zeus Villa is a beautiful and sumptuous mansion built in the early 1700s at the behest of Pope Clement XIII. Its enchanting architecture preserves intact the charm and sophistication of a clear example of linear neoclassicism in forms. With its rooms with a thousand charms, exterior and interior, it will welcome an unforgettable wedding reception.

Spaces and capacity

Venetian Zeus Villa  is the most charming and refined you can imagine as a setting for a memorable reception. In its central body guarded by the slumped lions that watch the great staircase opens majestically the great hall of honor, which welcomes a painting on canvas by Gian Battista Volpato entitled The Fall of the Giants, depicting Thunderous Jupiter (Zeus) electrocuting the Titans.

As a testament to the prestige of this noble abode, there remains a large and significant canvas of the Canova, the Triumph of faith.

And it is in this great hall of a thousand charms that you will host your guests in a beautiful wedding banquet, with a capacity of about 250 people in the only room that goes wide up to 500 seats with the use of the other rooms of the villa.

A beautiful 18th-century barchessa, another fascinating and exciting space, a noble salon enriched by precious architectural elements, can accommodate up to 100 guests.

The Venetian Zeus Villa is surrounded by a beautiful park where there are numerous istrian is statues of Istria stone depicting mythological figures and a beautiful fountain stands out centrally.

The park is enriched by the presence of numerous centuries-old tree essences and palm trees that testify to an all-Veneto taste. During the good season it is set up to celebrate memorable and exclusive outdoor receptions with a capacity of up to 2000 guests.

Services offered

With great professionalism, the management of Venetian Zeus Villa will be happy to offer you impeccable and exclusive services thinking about the custom set-ups and decorations, music, entertainment and photo shoot, so that you can organize a dream reception.

Other services

In this enchanting location full of charm and prestige you can organize any private, corporate, institutional and cultural event. From fashion shows to art exhibitions, conventions, gala dinners, meetings, product launches, private parties, every meeting occasion becomes memorable, encompassed by a frame of great impact. The organization also offers a number of additional services such as car rental, helicopter and hot air balloon rental and boat rental (for a leisurely out-of-door trip to Venice).


Venetian Zeus Villa was erected in 1700-1706 on the design of the architect Baldassare Longhena, by Giovambattista Rezzonico, a.m. Abbondio, prince and senator of Rome.

The clear vocation of neoclassical style can be seen in the linear and simple architectures of the dwelling on the outside that internally guard a precious succession of refined and sumptuous elements.

Venetian Zeus Villa has seen numerous distinguished guests, politicians, artists, musicians and writers known all over the world, among them Ugo Foscolo, Alessandro Manzoni, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Giovanni Giolitti, Francesco Crispi. During the Italian campaign, Napoleon Bonaparte was housed in this villa and in 1797 the Congress of Bassano took place, which was an attempt to aggregate Veneto to the Cisalpina Republic.


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